The whole truth about penis enlargement: the most realistic and proven methods

How does old-fashioned penis enlargement work? It is no secret that the massage of the male genital organ allows you to increase in length and thickness. However, how to perform the old-fashioned way to enlarge the penis as efficiently as possible and without damage? Currently, there are many techniques aimed at increasing the parameters of the male member. Of course, representatives of the strong half of humanity prefer to adhere to those options that have been tested by time. These include massage techniques, the action of which allows you to increase the length and thickness of the phallus.

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Average size and rate at different growth periods

Statistical indicators form a clear picture of yourself and others.
Let's make a reservation right away, the full concept of "norm" in the matter of penis size at different periods of a man's age,does not exist.

Statistical studies conducted by serious sources reduce the findings to an average version.

useful it is useful to know how to measure the penis accurately. Penis growth occurs during puberty, which occurs from the age of 9 years.

Given the non-elevated size,gets the following data:

  • By 10 - 12 years, the average penis size is about 4 cm and each year of life increases by 0. 5 - 1 cm. In each year of life, a change from the norm by 1-1, 5 cm is possible;
  • At the age of 13 - 15 years, the minimum value will increase up to 5 - 6 cm in length;
  • At 16 - 18 yearsnormal indicators will already be 7-9 centimeters.

Normal penis sizeraised:

  • At the age of 10 - 12 years, the average penis size is 9 - 10 cm;
  • At the age of 13 - 15 years, the rate is 12 - 15 cm;
  • At the age of 16-18 yearsthe average organ parameters are 13-16 centimeters.

From the age of 18, the organ grows to its maximum length, and further changes occuronly in diameter. As the width of the penis increases, there is likely to be a slight decrease in length.

Starting at the age of 12, the width of an organ is 7-8 cm, and by the age of 18 it reaches 12-13 cm.

Methods for increasing penis thickness are described below.

When you enlarge your penis

Penis size is individual to each person, but there are several standards.
The normal value is considered to be from 12 to 18 centimeters. If the organ is smaller, then there is really a reason to worry about increasing its size.

When the penis is 18 centimeters or more, then there is no need to change the size

We will look at techniques you can apply at home. Therefore, a person will be able to save money because there are both free methods and those that require minimal cost.

Another advantage of our methods is simplicity. Just read the instructions or watch a video in order to do the exercises yourself. You do not need to study the technique specifically, you can master it the first time.

Note that some methods can be used anywhere. You do not have to be at home because, for example, Kegel exercises can be done at work, in the car and on the road.

Special conditions are not required for this, you just need to master the principle of operation.

One of the main benefits is security. Unlike surgery, home methods for penis enlargement do not have any side effects. Therefore, you can not worry that sexual function will deteriorate or other bodily harm will occur. The main thing is to follow the instructions, and then there will definitely be no problems.

All techniques require regular use for a long time. Therefore, do not wait for the result to be for a few days. It usually takes weeks or even months for the effect to really start to show.

Psychological factors

psychological factors

Men begin to doubt their ability to please their partner during sex. It seems to them that the size of the penis is insufficient. Against this background, self-doubt and inner psycho-emotional stress develop. This is harmful to health.

A man has a natural desire to be a leader. When the penis is small, it puts pressure on the psyche, interfering with a full life.

Women's polls confirm that size matters, but not to the extent that men attribute it to her.

Vacuum pump for stretching

This device will be convenient to use in order to increase the size of the penis. The pump creates pressure around the penis, increasing blood flow.
As a result, the penis becomes harder and longer. Note that it can be used even when there is no erection at all.

This method can be called one of the safest, and at the same time brings good results. You will definitely need to use a special cream, which should be applied to the body before it is inserted into the cylinder.

When the pump is placed, the penis will be under pressure that can be adjusted independently. Some men use this device shortly before sexual intercourse to lengthen the organ for a while.

You need to use a pump for several months in order to enlarge your penis at home by 2-3 centimeters. Also, this method will increase the diameter of the penis. It is enough to understand how to use a vacuum pump, and then you can really influence the size of manhood.

How to enlarge your penis?

Each new generation of the stronger sex has come up with their own methods of penis enlargement. The guaranteed result is only possible on the operating table. But surgical intervention is only possible if indicated. If there is no indication, non-surgical methods are tested.

There are doubts about how effective penis enlargement methods are. Some claim their effectiveness, others completely deny it. If resorted to available methods, they form a comfortable rhythm by combining several techniques. An integrated approach to an effort to increase penis size leads to results. Real life examples are described below.

Genital massage

This method is known for the fact that it is very easy and does not require any additional tools. You do not have to spend money to increase the size of the reproductive organ. Just do the right massage every day to enlarge the penis by a few centimeters.

In advance, it is worth warming the body, for this you can use a warm towel dipped in herbal decoction. It should be applied to the penis to make the skin more elastic.

This will help you achieve more impressive results. You will need to lubricate the penis with a special cream or gel, then grab it with your palm and start pulling it away from you in different directions.

Squeeze hard, but avoid painful sensations. The procedure should take at least ten minutes if you want to achieve a result.

Note that it is effective to massage with baking soda, because it can affect the size of manhood. Everything is quite simple, and a person will need to take a little soda diluted with water to the consistency of the porridge in the palm of his hand. After that, along with the soda, you should continue massaging using rubbing movements. If after the procedure the penis turns a little red, then this is normal.

  • Penis size 10 - 12 cm and less is considered a small size. ;
  • How to make a member read hard here;
  • Soda for penis enlargement: .
indications for penis enlargement

Indications for expansion

Among the reasons for the operation, the medical staff identified:

  • Micropenis, that is, the size of the organ does not exceed 3 cm.
  • Epispadias, congenital pathology in the form of division of the upper wall of the urethra.
  • Hypospadias- abnormal location of urethral opening.
  • Peyronie's disease is a benign neoplasm that does not belong to the group of tumors that develop in protein tissues.
  • Cavernous fibrosis, in other words, instead of cavernous bodies in the penis there is a thickened connective tissue.
  • Trauma.

There are "aesthetic" indications for surgery. Example: An organ is hidden due to an excess amount of adipose tissue in the pubic region.

Any penis enlargement should be discussed with a specialist.

Grandpa's penis enlargement method: where do I start?

As with any workout, you need to start warming up. Heating the penis minimizes the likelihood of injury. Therefore, before you start the massage technique, you should take a warm shower, and then wrap your penis in a cloth dampened in warm water for 5 minutes. This manipulation will relax the cells of the male organ. In this case, you should pay attention to the fact that the water temperature should not give a feeling of restlessness. Some men prefer to dip the phallus in a container of warm water, thus replacing the compress with a towel. A smooth and soft penis will be an indicator of successful preparation.

Best Practices

Penis size adjustments are distinguished by increases in length and width. But the most common are simple options that are easy to implement at home.

Soda for penis enlargement

soda for penis enlargement

Traditional medicine no longer surprises anyone. With its help, they solve health problems, improve their condition. They surprise with popular recipes in the field of penis enlargement. A special place is occupied by baking soda, in the amount of a teaspoon.

Dilute in a 250 ml glass of warm water and stir until completely dissolved. A small bath in which the penis is immersed is obtained.

The procedure takes less than 10 minutes,is ​​performed one hour before the scheduled intimacy.

Use a combination of baking soda and honey. The composition is thoroughly mixed in equal proportions and the masculine is rubbed. After the procedure for enlarging the penis with soda, the man feels an increase in body tone and an increase in sexual desire.

Repeating this procedure for 3-6 months leads to an organ growth of 2 cm.


Allocate penis enlargement exercises:

  • for extension;
  • to improve blood supply;
  • support group.

These exercises are simple, effortless and done at home.Exercise is the best optionfor penis enlargement at home.


Penis tips have been around for a long time and have been proven to be simple and affordable. This option assumes no pre-use skills or training requirements. Attachments are sold in theme stores.

This is the fastest way to lengthen your penis.

Penis tips vary in material, size, shade and purpose. There are options:

  • Obesity tips;
  • Capable of lengthening the penis;
  • With vibration function;
  • With unusual relief;
  • Gel stimulants;
  • Supplements to affect both the female clitoris and the anus.

The appendix expands the penis within 10 cm, but theyreduce sensitivityduring intimacy and create a sense of enlargement only for the partner.

Medicines, hormones, herbs, creams, gels and oils

Alternative penis enlargement techniques:

  • ;
  • biological additives;
  • herb;
  • hormones
  • ;
  • creams, gels, oils and sprays.

Drugs are prescribed after consulting a specialist.


penis enlargement pump

The vacuum pump is based on stimulating blood flow to the organ.

Themethod increases a member for a short time.

The result obtained from the vacuum pump will remain in the quiet state of the penis, butthe enlargement effect will not last more than a day.

To ensure long-term results, the pump is used regularly for a year or more.No more than once every two days.

There are contraindications. These include:

  • Diseases affecting the skin of the foreskin.
  • Acute inflammatory process that affects the whole organ.
  • Diabetes mellitus, liver or kidney disorders.
  • High blood coagulation with a tendency to thrombosis.

You will learn how to choose and how a pump works from this video:


Another method of penis enlargement is jelqing. The methodology presents special exercises,that affect the characteristics of manhood.The technique is based on stimulating increased blood flow to the organ.

There are three popular techniques:

  • The penis is brought to a semi-erect position. Lubricate completely. At the base of the penis, the tips of the index and middle fingers are connected, forming a kind of ring that wraps tightly around the organ. Squeezed, the ring is pulled to the head. Then they release and repeat the actions with the other hand. Execution rate is moderate, at a comfortable pace.
  • The second technique is characterized by a lack of lubrication;
  • Third option: "ring" is not done with two fingers, but with the whole palm.

If a painful sensation suddenly appears, stop the action for a few days.


penis extender

Penis enlargement extender is a special device developed by medical professionals.
was created to increase the length of the penisand to fight congenital external defects of the organ.

The device wearsfrom 4 to 6 hours a day, taking a break. The rhythm is considered appropriate when the extender is set for 2 hours in the morning, then repeated during the day and evening.

Trainings are conducted daily. One day is considered the maximum break from using the extender.

Men who have used the device for at least four months record theeffect on penis enlargement by 1. 5-2 cm.

Read about other devices in our article.


Penis enlargement massage is a pleasant and beneficial procedure performed to increase the size of the penis. Special massage techniques have been developed, among which the Kegel technique occupies a special position.

In a massage developed by Arnold Kegel, a man acts on the muscles of the pubic and kokcygeal areas.

To identify a muscle that requires attention, urination is delayed for 3-4 seconds while visiting the bathroom.

At the same time, they feel the tension of a muscle that needs exercise.

Once the muscle is defined, proceed with the technique:

  • The muscle squeezes and relaxes at a rapid pace, trying to contract during squeezing. Exercise is done at a fast pace. Time gradually increases.
  • The muscle is tense in steps. First, for 2-3 seconds, then relax for the same time. Next time, the force increases and then gradually to the limit, avoiding unpleasant sensations.
  • The muscle is compressed as slowly as possible. When the tension has reached the limit, she is relaxed. During the execution of the technique, the feeling of "vibration" of the muscle is noticed.

Stretch with a load

which lies with a load

Penis enlargement by hanging weights is an old and cheap method. Some possibilities for joining them in the body:

  • The weight rope is fixed with adhesive plaster,
  • A loop is made of a wire and put on the head, being fixed just below it.

The advantage of this technique is that it is free. But if an organ injury occurs due to exercise,will have to spend money on treatment. Other expansion or stretcher tools are more popular.

Results are achieved after 2-3 years of using the technique. There is a high probability of organ damage. Outside the house, the load interferes with movement.


There are opportunities for surgery to increase the size of manhood:

  • Ligamentotomy, based on the intersection of the ligament that regulates the organ and the removal of its partial internal length from the outside. It lasts no more than an hour and the husband leaves the hospital the second day after the operation. On average, an increase is marked by 3-5 cm.
  • Falloprosthetics, an operation in which an artificial prosthesis is placed. This procedure is complicated, it is performed in extreme cases.
  • Fat filling - fat cells are added to the penis, increasing it by 1 cm.
  • Muscle transplantation
  • Plastic surgery - gel or silicone implants are inserted into the body to make it thicker.
  • Hyaluronic acid injections.

Techniques and equipment

Exercises (jelqing)

This is one of the oldest methods of increasing the length and thickness of the penis. Performed by hand. There are many videos related to this topic online. We will focus on the general points:

  1. All exercises are based on stimulating the filling of the cavernous bodies with blood and the slight stretching of the penile tissue.
  2. The duration of regular exercise should be at least a few months. Only in this case it is possible to see the result.
  3. tail best to use lubricant and other safety precautions to prevent damage.
  4. Excitement level should be moderate (about 50%). Forbiddens it is forbidden to do this exercise on a tightly raised penis.
  5. A ring is formed by the fingers surrounding the penis at the base. Moderate tightening is created.
  6. Next, the hand moves up. The compression force of the penis should be the same.
  7. Then switch hands and repeat the movements.

To achieve the effect, you need to repeat the exercise every day at least 200-300 times in the first 2 weeks and at least 500 times, starting from the third week. The oppressive force builds up gradually. Continuous hours start at 10 minutes and range up to 20 minutes per day. For any painful sensations, exercises are prohibited.


Recently, there have been proposals for cosmetic products from various brands that promise to enhance male dignity quickly, painlessly and effortlessly. Of course, it is very tempting to rub in the cream several times a day and just wait for the effect. Let's see if they really "work":

  • Most penis creams and gels consist of substances that improve the friction of the composition and pathogenic extracts that increase blood flow to the tissues.
  • All means are guaranteed to stimulate microcirculation in the organ and its filling of blood, have a warming effect.
  • Every note will "show" that such a medicine was created to strengthen the erection and make the feelings of the relationship brighter and more intense.
  • Growth myths are based on the slight stretching of tissues during arousal, which in a resting state return to their original size.

The use of cosmetics is welcomed by andrologists to improve the nutrition and blood supply of the organ, but it is impossible to increase the length and width of the penis for a long time in this way. One of the advantages of cosmetics is relative safety, subject to a well-known brand, which guarantees the absence of allergic or toxic substances in the cream.

Side effects

Side effects

Exposure to the penis is likely tohave negative consequences. When you try to enlarge an organ, whether it was successful or not, one or more side effects may develop:

  • Painful sensations;
  • Dark, bruised or swollen hematomas;
  • Dry skin, cracking;
  • Appearance of a rash on the surface of the organ;
  • Isolation of blood from external or internal defects;
  • Violation of potency.

If any of the consequences of penis enlargement occur, consult a doctor immediately.

Before you insist on organ augmentation and start any method,should carefully weigh the pros and cons

Folk remedies for penis enlargement

You can use popular methods if you want to increase the size of the organ and strengthen the erection. Of course, they can only be used in addition to other methods, such as exercise. As an independent remedy, they are not suitable because although tinctures affect male strength, they will not be able, as if by magic, to lengthen the penis.

Popular recipes:

  1. it is also necessary to make a garlic solution, which should then be taken twenty drops a day. You can cook it yourself, for this you need to chop the garlic, then add the vodka and leave it in a dark place for a week. The admission course is from two weeks to one month. If necessary, you can take a break for 30 days, and then repeat.
  2. Nuts with honey. This medicine is not only very useful but also delicious. It is necessary to chop the nuts, and then pour over the honey. They will need to be consumed three times a day before meals.
  3. Medicinal lung treatmenthas been proven to be quite effective, or can be added to vegetable salads or used as a tincture. Prepare as follows: you need to take 10 g of dry lungs, pour boiling water and leave it for several hours. You should drink one tablespoon three to four times a day.
  4. Thymeis ​​also a good medicine for men who want to improve their sex life. Dry grass should be poured with boiling water and then drunk neatly or diluted with water.

Furthermore, you can recommend making soda compresses. To do this, take two tablespoons of soda, then pour in 100 ml of water.

  • Stir the mixture thoroughly and then place on a piece of gauze. It is wrapped around the penis, you need to hold it for 5 minutes.
  • It is recommended to make compresses for about a month, repeating them every day.
  • It is important that the procedure is performed regularly, otherwise the desired result will not be achieved.

Note that aromatic oils, such as cardamom or cypress, can also be added to the mix to enhance the effect.

Extension to increase size

The device is used not only to change the size of the penis, but also to correct the curvature. The elongation extends the penis and therefore the tissues begin to grow significantly.
One of the advantages of this method is the long-term effect that is achieved with regular use.

You should wear an extender for at least a few hours a day, but there are those who use it 12 hours a day.

As a rule, after a few weeks you will notice that the penis has enlarged. However, a shocking result will be about six months after starting regular dressing. As a rule, you can extend the dignity by 2-4 centimeters if done correctly.

For those who want to achieve results very quickly, penis enlargement surgery may be recommended. It will not be cheap, but the result will be. It is important to find a good surgeon so that later you do not have to face the negative consequences of the procedure.

You will also need to go through a rehabilitation period, during which a person should wear an extender. As a result, the size of the organ can be increased by 2-5 centimeters if the operation is successful. Surgical intervention will not adversely affect a man's sex life.

Special equipment

special technique for penis enlargement

Jelqing is a special technique used to enlarge the penis. Jelqing was also used by the Romans and Greeks when they wanted to surprise their ladies with the royal size of their penis. This technique was very widely used in the East.

Jelqing is more or less like masturbation, but different from it. Here's what to do:

  • prepare a warm bath (this technique requires a humid and hot environment);
  • genitals should be smeared with a special cream;
  • after that, you should massage the body until a slight erection appears;
  • pretend you are pointing well (thumb and forefinger ring);
  • in this ring you have to climb a member and pull it as far as possible. It should be noted that there should be no painful and uncomfortable sensations!
  • This exercise should be repeated 10 to 15 times daily;

Exercise should be stopped if there is even a little pain or discomfort. If nothing unpleasant is felt, then such a technique will very soon bring its positive results.

In addition to the special technique, which is very effective, but for some reason may not work, you can do some other exercises.